How not to party on KohSan Road..

If I haven’t already explained this before, trouble kind of follows me around. If you just think of the most random or ridiculous situation you can, it probably has or will happen to me. I’m a magnet for it. 

How not to party on KohSan road… don’t argue with the locals cause you will end up in a fight. 

Okay, so I’ll explain, I technically wasn’t in the fight, or I didn’t start it at least. Long story short we were out in Bangkok with some people we  kind of knew from home, having a really good night and decided to get some laughing gas. I’d never done it before so didn’t know what to expect, but apparently the stuff we were given was rubbish… I’ve no clue.  The girl with us adamantly refused to pay for it, even though I said I was fine to pay, next minute the stall owners getting a bit pushy with the girl, her boyfriend seeing this tries to calm the situation down. Unfortunately one of the other guys there kicks off and in the blink of an eye, someone’s holding a knife, one of the guy is out cold on the floor and I’ve been burnt on the chest with a cigar. 

Thankfully no one was seriously injured, but the out come could have been so much worse. It really isn’t worth arguing about the cost of things, it’s not like back home where you can complain about crappy service etc, to the people out here it’s their livelihood and income. I did however attempt to go to the police as my burn was pretty nasty, but this just resulted in the police officer at the station asking to take me swimming the next day…. very bizzare.  

Have fun, be safe and RESPECTFUL.


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