Tuk Tuks in Bangkok:

Easily the best and cheapest way to get around Bangkok and see the sights!

I’ve read and heard tons of things about people getting ripped off by tuktuk drivers, so I think we got really lucky. While walking around getting our bearings we bumped into the nicest woman ever, I mean ever. Her name was Mai and she instantly asked if we needed any help, wrote a bunch of places for us to visit in Thai and English and advised us on which tuktuks were official and how much they should charge, she even hailed down a tuk tuk driver for us!

Mai told him where to take us, how much we wanted to pay and we were off. That’s how we saw the Big Buddha, Wat Intharaeihan, Golden Mount and a few other places. I think we must of had the coolest tuktuk driver out there, he was really rocking his shirt, tie, stretchers and lippy look. I think he must haven driven us around Bangkok for about four hours and even stopped and had lunch with us before taking us back.

Tuktuks are a really enjoyable way to see the city, you just need to make sure you’re not getting ripped off. We payed 70baht for the whole day, it was originally 60 but I added a bit more on top cause the guy was so lovely. 

The number one rule with tuktuks is to haggle with them, cut their asking price in half and work it out from there as they will always try and charge tourists more. If your first driver isn’t having it then just hail another one over, there are plenty around so just keep trying. You can also either ask them to turn on their meter or decide on a fixed price before you get in, a lot of the time you’ll find them asking ‘how much you want to pay?’ Or ‘how much you have?’. This is basically a trick if you’re a tourist and have no idea how much it should cost, so always start low, especially if it’s a short trip. 

I’ve also heard stories about tuktuk drivers taking you to certain shops to convince you to buy something, they get a commission of you do, but it never happened to me. I think it’s something that’s starting to die out as more travellers are becoming aware of the scams. If it does happen then just stay in the tuktuk and politely refuse and ask to go to your destination, you shouldn’t have any problems. 

Don’t be put off by the stories, just keep your wits about you, haggle and enjoy the ride! 


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