So, myself and Ella, two 23 yrolds from good old Milton Keynes, England decided ‘sod it lets go travel the world’ and we’ve spent 6 days in Bangkok. Yes, we know this is a long time, as EVERY ONE has told us, and it has been eventful I must say! It was the longest flight ever, and I mean ever ever, 11 and a half hours of a Chinese lady whacking into me with her pillow, guys arguing and Sneezy McGee behind me waking me up every time I started to doze. I got no sleep, but Ella slept her way through all of it of course.

Bangkok is beautiful, a completely different world than what we were used to. Six days gave us enough time to get over our jet lag, we were literally zombies, settle in and get our bearings. Although you can definitely see the sights in less time, depending on how much you want to do. 

We could not have been anymore touristy when we left the airport. Literally walking around in circles trying to figure out how to get a taxi, turns out you need to queue up for a ticket and wait for a taxi to pull up into the bay number on your ticket. A pretty good system actually now I think about it, and not actually that difficult to figure out, but we were tired and grumpy and sweaty and gross! 

I have so much love for our hostel, we instantly missed it after we left. Baan Nampetch Hostel, only 10min walk from Kohsan Road but a little off the beaten track in a nice quiet area. We got a privete room that was nice, clean and simple with air con thank gawwwwwd, otherwise I would have melted. The breakfast was free and they provided free drinking water too which was handy, we spent quite a lot of time on the beautiful balcony meeting other travelers. The only negative thing I could say is that sound really travels through the walls and we happened to have, how shall I put this, some very loud sexually active neighbours? Cringe, we thought is was pretty funny at first but there’s only so many times you can be woken up by that! Ella was so grumpy she made it her mission to figure out who the couple was so she could glare at them. I would still highly reccomend this place! 


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