Before you go

So I’m about to set off on my travels across Asia and Australia with my best friend, I’ll be visiting: Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore and Austalia.  Here are a few things to remember to do if you are taking a similar trip!


So for some reason I kept putting off sorting out my phone, and it’s something I didn’t really think about at first. If you’ve got a contract, like me, you’ll need to find out if you can use your phone abroad, how much it’ll cost you etc. I had to cancel my contract as I could use it in Europe but not anywhere else without mounting up ridic bills. In the end it was cheaper for me to cancel my contract, unlock my phone and get a sim out there to use. I say cheaper, it still cost me an arm and a leg to cancel 😦 so probably think about this early on to avoid wasting dolla. 


It all depends on where you’re from and where you’re going as to what jabs you’ll need. However you deffo need to think about this early on, as some jabs need to be taken over a course of a few weeks.  You just need to make an appointment with your doctor and they’ll give you all the info you need and let you know which jabs you need. 


Just get it! Do you really want to be in the situation where you’ve hurt yourself and you can’t afford treatment 😫 I actually just googled the best insurance for travelers and got a ‘backpacker’ deal from towergate insurance, but there are many others to choose from.


Okay. So I got my Aussie visa in time…. got my Thai visa in the nick of time… but didn’t get the rest 😩 this is because I just assumed all the other visas were processed online like the Australian. This is not the case. Thai, Cambodian and Vietnamese visas are done through the post or in person at the embassy in London (if you’re traveling from the uk). So you need to allow plenty of time to receive each of your visas if you are applying before travel. 

UK citizens, as well as others, can visit Thailand for 30 days without a visa HOWEVER you must have purchased an air ticket leaving the country. I will be travelling on by bus through to Cambodia, this does not count, which is why I needed a 60 visa instead. It’s so simple to get, download the form from the Thai government website, follow the instructions, send it in the post and voila! You get a nifty little visa page in your passport for £25 (even though I got mine for free the normal charge is £25). 

You can also download the Cambodian visa form online from their government website, and the same rules apply really. Unless you are like me, and plan to get it at the boarder. This is easily done, apparently, but I haven’t got that far yet so I will have to let you know!

Once again, certain citizens from certain countries can visit Vietnam for 15 days without a visa. I’m not possative about the departure requirements as I have a flight booked out of the country before that times up, however it really isn’t difficult to find out. Just ask trusty google 🙃


You definitely need to let them know what your up to, otherwise they might think you’ve been cloned or something and block your card…. then you’ll be screwed. Just pop in or even call them, let them know which countries your visiting and it’d be worth getting some numbers you can call if you’re ever in trouble. 


The best exchange rates you’re probably going to get are in your home country, being from Britain I went with the trusty old post office 🤗. Although you probably want to do a little research on what are the best rates going at the current time. I got myself some Thai baht, USA dollars (this is what you pay for your Cambodian visa with), and some Vietnamese Dong. You can use your card in many places across Asia and there are many many ATMS, you just have to pay a surcharge depending on your bank.  


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